We are driven by innovation

driven by innovation

Passionately designing artistic wheels along with the knowledge and wisdom gained from years of automotive wheel manufacturing experience is what we aim at Advantec Wheels. Moreover, we envision and ensure to add extra-ordinary level of value addition in terms of aesthetics and performance with the utmost quality of craftmenship in order to deliver the perfect set of wheels!'


Flow Forging is a unique process in which the spoke area of the wheel is Casted, and the rim area is Flow-Forged by applying heat and pressure while spinning and squeezing the rim area to obtain the desired profile. This allows us to achieve a much better grain structure of the aluminum alloy in the rim area, resulting in a much lighter and stronger wheel with higher wheel load bearing capacity and strength as compared to the standard casted OEM and other aftermarket alloy wheels.

Rotational Wheel Caps

Unlike traditional wheel caps, Rotational Alloy Wheel Caps are designed to stay upright while the wheel is in motion, giving the overall look of the car a sleek and dynamic appearance. The stationary wheel caps create an illusion of static appearance even when the car is in motion.

So why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Upgrade your wheels with AW rotational alloy wheel caps and enjoy the perfect blend of luxury and performance.

Element Painting

Element Painting is a distinct aspect of our wheel production, allowing us to create up to 25 unique customized finishes per design like never before as per each and every customer's unique styling desires!

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Augmented Reality (AR)

This cutting-edge technology allows you to visualize the various options available and choose the one that best suits your style and personality. No more guessing or relying on static images online. With Advantec Wheels's Augmented Reality, you can now make an informed decision and give your car a fresh new look with alloy wheels that truly stand out from the crowd. Say goodbye to dull and hello to dynamic!

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Hub-Centric Rings

When it comes to upgrading the looks and performance of your car, one of the crucial components to look out for are the hub-centric rings. These rings ensure the perfect fit of our AW wheels onto your specific vehicle, leaving zero chances of disorientation or wobbling of the wheels while cruising at high speeds.

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