State-of-the-art, environment friendly center of excenllence conforming to BIS/ISO standards.


Original, conceptual, and with deep-rooted design philosophy, our styling is all from genuine inspirations.

Product Design & Simulation

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A 3D model is created on CAD software with precise dimensions and features with 1:1 ratio. It is important to ensure that the designs are safe and robust enough to withstand Indian road conditions, and hence FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is carried out to validate the designs


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The prototype of the design is created using 3D printers with ABS plastic as the raw material. This 3D printed wheel supports the process engineers in assessing the feasibility of wheel manufacturing from the production process perspective as well as for the tool design and manufacturing.

Tool Design & Development

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One of the key USPs of Advantec Wheels is its extraordinary in-house tool design and development facility along with its years of proven tool manufacturing experience, which is used to cater for all wheel designs and sizes.



We are the first company to have a fully automated foundry line in the country.

Our foundry lines are of international standards and we cast our wheels in automated Tilt Gravity Die Casting machines which enables us to produce much better and consistent quality Alloy wheels.

To fortify the rim, we employ Flow Forging, a process unique to our wheels. The process gives our wheels their flawless global quality- wheels with equally strong spoke and rim.

Our machining section deploys world-class machines from the reputed makers to cater to the most complex of machining requirements. Dedicated to offering a wider choice and exceptional aesthetics on every wheel, our centre of excellence also has the capability to render mirror cut alloy wheel finishes.

Painting process and facility

Quality of the paint finish of an alloy wheel is equally important as its design. Therefore, at Advantec Wheels, we have one of the best painting facility with automatic color changing systems which in turn allows us to provide up to multiple paint finishes per design!

Automatic transporter PLC based pretreatment with self parameter control to sustain quality of Alloy wheels.

Conveyorised Powder Coating with one of the best electrostatic guns.

Highly durable paint coatings by reputed paint suppliers of world repute.

painting process
painting process

Testing and Validation

Right after the manufacturing process, the wheels go through rigorous testing and validation through a series of accelerated performance tests including Corner Fatigue Test (CFT), Radial Fatigue Test (RFT), and Impact Test, to ensure structural integrity of the wheels.

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